Speaking Engagements

Desmond is a natural for public speaking. His outgoing personality shines whether talking to business sectors about teamwork, inspiration to youths at fundraisers, or any keynote speech involving leadership, teamwork, and doing the most with your ability.


Desmond's personal appearances have included work for Coke-Zero, Nissan, Marriott, and numerous other companies. Please fill out the form below to hire Desmond for any Super Bowl event, corporate event, or fundraiser.


Desmond has been fortunate to endorse many top companies including, Nissan, Allstate. EA Sports, and UPS. Please click here to view Desmond's Nissan commercial endorsement.


  • EA Sports
  • Kraft
  • Allstate
  • UPS


"Desmond is great to work with. Strategically we were looking for a college football expert who could connect with attendees at the event and communicate the brands role within the context of the season kickoff. We were able to work with Desmond to accomplish our goal for the promotion, not only effectively reaching consumers on site during his appearance, but also leveraging his social media presence to create some scale. As we all have become accustomed to in watching him on ESPN, he was great with consumers and was an even better partner for us to work with on the promotion."

- Coca-Cola Zero Brand Manager

Video Clip

Below you will find a video of Desmond's Michigan football tribute. A corporate speaking video of Desmond will be coming soon. 

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